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Choose among
3 action families
Environmental actions
Plant trees
Plant shurbs
Plant plants
Plant coral
set-up an Insect hotel
set-up an Hedgehog house
Set-up a bee hive
Set-up a bird house
Set-up a bat house
Adopt a forest habitat
Set-up an Artificial reef
Set-up a Fish nursery
implant a wildlife crossing device
Wildlife release after rescue and care
Wildlife release from breeding
Nature clean-up
Underwater clean-up
Soil depollution
Remove invasive species
Community Improvement
Improve water supply & management
Improve clean energy supply & management
Improve health supply conditions
Improve education conditions
Improve sanitation conditions
Improve food mangement
Improve urban/family agriculture
Improve Cultural infrastructure
Improve sports infrastructure
Repair a common utility
Develop skills and knowledge
Share skills and knowledge
Organize a neighborhood event
Promote respect of human rights
Promote gender equity & non discrimination practices
Promote anti-money laundering and anti-bribery practices
Practices to detect and ban child labour
Practices to detect and ban forced Labour
Promote the freedom of association and the effective recognition of the right to collective bargaining
Information and consultation meeting
Promote solutions for environmental footprint reduction
Promote health and safety practices
Audit stakeholders
Ecological Footprint
Buy electricity from 100% Renewable energy provider
Instal rooftop solar
Install micro-wind turbine
install wind turbine
install solar water system
install bio gas digester
install an hydro electricity production unit
Install a geothermic system
install a thalasso-thermic system
Install a live consumption monitoring system
publish organism energetic mix
publish ratio self production / consummation
Publish an Organism Energy management policy
Start a Leed/HQE Certification
Publish a Leed/HQE Certification
Imlement an Energy Saving Incentive
Display and sign the Energy saving engagement poster
Improve an organism process for energy saving
Train team members on Energy Saving practices
Train Supply chain for energy efficient equipment purchase
Include sustainable develoment principles in organism policies
Publish a product improvement to save energy
Install thermic Insulation
Install Insulated windows
Install low consumption Lights (LED)
Install smart occupancy sensors
Install heat recovery ventilator
Install Smart windows
Install smart EV power station
Install Energy storage utility
Install automatic doors
Install a roof rainwater collector
Install a Water wind turbine
Install a fog sollector
Install an Atmospheric water generator (requires energy)
Install a Live water utilization monitoring device
Publication of water Withdrawal, consumption & discharge
Publication of organism water management policy
Implement a water saving incentive
Display a team member water saving engagement poster
Supply chain water efficient material purchase engagement
Product modification for water consumption reduction
process modification for water consumption reduction
Install a grey water collection system
Install a grey water purificatoin and injection system
Install a grey water diverter
install a dual flush toilet converters
Install a shower timer
install automatic shut off nozzles
Install a low flow high efficiency faucet aerator
Install a low flow water efficiency shower head
Install a toilet tank bag
Install a garden soaker hoses system
Install a irrigation rainfall shutoff device
install a double cyclone flush toilets
install a dry urinal toilet
install a dry toilet
install a urine separation toilets
Publish a waste produciton analysis
Publish a waste reduction initiative
Install storm water drainage and purification device
Install a phyto purification system
build a lagunage purification system
Publish harmful products for the environment ban policy
Sign pesticides and organochlorides ban poster
Sign the biodegradable products engagement poster
Publish responsible purchasing policy
Train team members on responsible purchassing policy
Sign Local purchase preference poster
Set a product environmental aspects improvement incentive
Publish a product recyclability improvement
Make a product compostable
Publish a product energy efficiency improvement
Make a product less toxic for the environment
Publish a product life cycle assessment
Implement a harmful product reduction incentive
offer reusable packaging to customers
ban plastic in product and service packaging
train team memberss on harmful products recognition
Repair a broken equipment
Transform an equipment
upgrade an equipment
Reduce the matter quantity used in a process
Swap a harmful product by a neutral one
Reduce the quantity of waste in a process
publish the organism land occupation
Roof vegetablization
wall vegetablization
Internal space optimization
install rainwater permetaiton surfaces
Install an air release monitoring system
Publish air release data
Publish a process improvement to reduce air releases
Install an air praticle monitoring device
Adhere to GHG protocol for CO2 emission
Publish Annual CO2 emissions
Identify and monitor waste generation
Publish waste data
Implement waste minimization incentive
Publish a waste minimization policy
Publish a waste transformation into a valuable ressource
Implement a waste segregation procedure
publish a organism ethical code of conduct
train team memberss on ethical code of conduct
Include organism ethical code of conduct in supplier contract
Current suppliers to sigh the respect of organism ethical code of conduct
Disclose gender and salary equity data
Publish an Health and Environment code of conduct
Train team members on environment Health and environment care code of conduct
Train team members on forced labor recognition and ban
Launch an team members consultation process on well being at work
Publish the results of well being at work consultation
Train Security personnel in on human rights policies or proce-dures that are relevant to operations
Include sustainable development principles into organism core values
disclose the organism wealth distribution
Audit supplier on ethical code of conduct application
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